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Dr. Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She became the first female certified physician in Italy in 1896. Her interest in children evolved as she began working with disabled children. Many of her philosophies were based upon actual observations of children. She believed that, in an environment where beauty and orderliness were emphasized, children developed a spontaneous love of “work.”

Hence, everything in a Montessori classroom is carefully prepared and serves a specific purpose. It is the child’s world and they are directed to be independent and respectful of their environment. The classroom is divided into sections. The children begin their learning cycle in the "practical life" section, where they improve their fine motor skills by practicing lessons which involve activities such as spooning and pouring. They may then move into the "sensorial" part of the classroom where they explore their innate senses, learning shapes, colors, textures and much more. Once, they have mastered some of these lessons, the teacher introduces them to math, language, geography and history lessons.